Hi! I’m Lance Muller. Welcome to My Life Blog. Why am I doing this?!? We all have a story to tell. At the very least blogging is a fabulous way of keeping a journal of your life, art, family, travels, hobbies or studies.



Putting myself out there on a website wasn’t easy. It required passion, creativity, and determination. But when I finally launched my personal site back in 2000, I knew I did the right thing. It gives me the opportunity to share the things I love, the places I discover and some of my most personal moments with a growing loyal community

I hope you’ll enjoy browsing the site. I regard this platform as an ongoing creation with so much potential to grow and evolve, and I would love to hear your feedback. If you want to discuss my content, offer possible collaborations or just send good vibes my way - get in touch!



11099 Ice Skate Place San Diego, California 92126



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